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Asher draws inspiration from everything around him, be it modern design, sculpture or architecture, most importantly he draws it from working closely with his clients. For Freeman Jewellery Design, jewellery making is all about creating an elegant lasting piece of art.


Ethical. Bespoke. Handcrafted.
We understand your desire for a piece of fine jewellery that is a true reflection of you, and that is exactly what we deliver to our clients – time after time. Our jewellery tells a story and each piece is made to last, with love and craftsmanship put into every single detail.
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Backed by 10 years industry experience, Asher Freeman launched Freeman Jewellery Design in 2014. After completing a Bachelor of Goldsmithing with high distinction at Peter Minton’s Goldsmith School, Asher cut his teeth by crafting bespoke jewellery for a high-end boutique in Auckland’s CBD. Now with his own company, Asher is guided by his values for quality jewellery, unique design and personal service.

As an advocate for ethical business practices, Asher believes in complete transparency – right from the design and make of the piece, to the materials he is supplied. By using Fairtrade certified materials and conflict-free diamonds, he supports ethical trading and sustainable mining. Asher has a passion for the ethical gemstone community, actively promoting the cause with hopes to further industry accountability, and bring greater public awareness to the issue. If you would like to know more about our suppliers, or how we contribute to ethical trading, please get in touch.

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Asher combines innovative, cutting-edge designs with personalised service to create jewellery that turns a dream into reality. Emphasising unique, quality materials and flawless workmanship, he creates lasting pieces that reflect the desires and style of the individual. Just take a look at some of his previous designs.


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We operate from a professional studio in Mt Eden, where we meet with clients for initial consultations and follow-ups throughout the design process. Please contact us to arrange a consultation – we look forward to meeting with you to discuss making your dream piece of jewellery.


Fairtrade & Ethical Jewellery

Freeman Jewellery Design puts people first – from our clients, right through to the people who are working hard in the mines to supply us with precious metals and gems. We believe that everyone has the right to work and live without oppression, and aim to conduct our business in a honourable and ethical way. Read on to learn more about what it means to be Fairtrade Certified.
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1 Supply meets demand

As the global demand for silver, gold and precious stones increases over time, so too does the pressure on suppliers to meet that demand. As a consequence, mining communities around the world are forced to work in hazardous environments for an inadequate wage. Meanwhile, unregulated mining practices devastate fragile ecosystems through erosion, the formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and the contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water.

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2 The life of a miner

Did you know that small-scale miners produce 15% of global gold supplies, but make up 90% of labour in metal extraction? There are an estimated 100 million families involved in small-scale mining throughout the world, and many of these miners find it hard to access legal mining rights, pushing them into running informal and illegal operations. Often, they work in hazardous conditions with little to no health and safety measures in place. Meanwhile the unskilled, unregulated and uneducated use of toxic chemicals such as mercury poses a risk to the health of the miners, their communities and the environment.

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3 The meaning of fair trade

The Fairtrade certification means that miners are paid a guaranteed minimum price. In addition, they receive a premium to invest back into their community. This enables them to improve quality of life for their families, and develop fair trading relationships with commercial partners. Achieving Fairtrade certification also requires small-scale mining organisations to meet rigorous Fairtrade standards on working conditions, child labour, women’s rights, technology, health and safety, organisational management, the traceability of their mining operations, and responsible environmental management.

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4 Taking responsibility

At Freeman Jewellery, it’s important to us that the materials we use are ethically sourced, responsibly mined, and deliver economic justice to the miners involved in their extraction. That’s why all our metals have the Fairtrade certification, and can be traced through transparent supply chains to the source. In addition, our diamonds are certified conflict-free by the Kimberly Process, and our gems are sourced through ethical organisations across the world.