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Engagement rings might be traditional, but in modern times the old rules don’t have to apply. While an engagement ring used to be something chosen in secret and presented from bended knee, these days many couples choose an engagement ring together. Others are breaking away from the traditional diamond ring to choose a bespoke design that truly reflects their style. If you like to think outside the box, here are a few more things to consider before choosing an engagement ring design.



Why choose a diamond if emeralds are more your style? These days, the potential for what you can create extends only as far as your imagination. Consider the wearer, your relationship, and the message you want your engagement ring to carry. Perhaps you’d like to include gems from an old family heirloom, or refurbish a vintage piece you’ve fallen in love with. Just talk to your jeweller about what you have in mind.



Anyone entering into a marriage does so in the hopes that their love will last forever. An engagement ring is a token of that love, so it makes sense that you would select a ring that uses quality materials, and is forged in a way that will stand the test of time. Choose high quality metals and gemstones, and ensure that they’re carefully and lovingly put together by a jeweller you can trust.



Mass-produced jewellery is often sourced through unethical means. Because an engagement ring is a representation of your relationship, it makes sense that you should consider how it was made. How would you feel about wearing jewellery while knowing someone might have been harmed or mistreated to produce it? By choosing ethical jewellery, you and your betrothed can rest easy in the knowledge that your engagement ring was created in a way that was fair to all involved.


At Freeman Jewellery, we specialise in bespoke, handcrafted jewellery made using ethical and Fairtrade materials. To book a design consultation, please contact us.