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When you’re peering through the jewellery store window at the latest jewel to catch your eye, it’s easy to forget what was involved in its creation.

Did you know that there are 15 million artisanal and small-scale gold miners, and another 100 million of their family members worldwide, who depend on mining to make their living?

These small-scale miners extract between 10-15% of the global gold supply, but make up 90% of the labour force in gold. Many of these small-scale miners experience poverty, marginalisation, exploitation and poor working conditions due to unfair trading.

So when you’re considering that piece of jewellery, how do you know if someone might have been harmed, or unfairly treated, to produce it? And how would you feel about wearing it, if they were?

The solution is to choose Fairtrade jewellery. When jewellery has the Fairtrade certification, it means that miners are paid a guaranteed minimum price. In addition, they receive a premium to invest back into their community.

That means that when you buy Fairtrade jewellery, you’re helping miners and their communities to work their way out of poverty. Fairtrade miners are also required to comply with health and safety standards, preventing child labour and forced labour, while enforcing environmental protection and conflict-free policies.

By choosing ethical jewellery, you’re not only purchasing peace of mind – you’re contributing to the fair treatment of miners worldwide. Freeman Jewellery is proud to use ethically sourced metals and gems – to find out more or to book a consultation, please contact us.